Valve Amplifier

Being a member of BSEARS has bought me into contact with members who were very active during the valve era. Other younger members including Tom Mckenna were interested in valves, so talks were arranged By Chris, G0JRM and Derek, G3MWO in 2010/11.

Chris helped me by giving a large red books on valves and so I started studying. The first item was getting up and running a valve radio that was given to me. Following Chris’s advice and what I learnt I soon restored that radio

Daz Repaired Radio

I then went on to restore my grandfathers radio that I remember in his dining room when I was young. I joined the British Vintage Wireless Society and have been to several of their events. Once I had some confidence, I built a small ECL82 amplifier using parts removed from a open reel tape recorder that had rubber rot.

Daz Valve Amplifier

Then I went on to build a larger EL34 amplifier. This used new transformers wound for me, but had vintage Mullard valves. I also stumbled on a kit from china that took a USB connection and converted it to Analogue Audio and it had a valve in it as well as surface mount components, a lovely mix! I mixed these together to make a PC Based music system using Linux and Valves! I have since updated a radiogram with blue-tooth for fun, biggest blue-tooth speaker you have seen! My latest plan is to mix valves with amateur radio. I now have some vintage gear to restore, including a 2M Heathkit hybrid that uses AM modulation.