Post AGM Club Update – April 2017

Myself, Melvin (secretary) Doug (treasurer) had our first meeting on the 26th April as your newly elected committee.
Our aim was to share our ideas on how to keep the club active and interesting to all members old and new.

We discussed the AGM and looked at the minutes of which Melvin will send a copy to you all in due course.

Doug has payed in members fees to date, and it has been agreed that in future there will be 3 signatories with 2 being required to authorise any transactions.
Doug is kindly setting up a PayPal account for future use, he will also look after our Website and Facebook page.

I had a meeting on Sunday (23.4.17) with members of the tower committee where I introduced myself as Chairman of our club.
After some discussion they agreed that we could keep our radio station in its present location in return I offered on behalf of the club members to move the old radios and equipment into the back room for them.

I understand that they are payed £70 this is for a 7 month period as we will require this room for 12 months the fees will probably have to rise to £120.

Plans for our future club meetings are as follows: [slight change from the email sent out yesterday, with May and June meetings swapped]

  • May.  Prepare our room for new radio equipment and also construct a G5RV aerial, then on the following Sunday hoping to put G2TO on the air.
  • June. James G7MLO and Derek G4WXN have kindly offered to give a talk on D.STAR and DMR (awaiting confirmation).
  • July.  John Regnault G4SWX has agreed to give us a talk on Moonbounce.
  • August. Weather permitting hopefully a social evening can be organised.
  • September. Plan to have another guest speaker, to be arranged.

All these events will only be successful if we have the full support of all members.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of your committee.


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