Radio Club Net

If you don’t hear anyone, put out a call as it needs at least one call to make a QSO!!

Monday 80m 3.670 Mhz SSB 09:00
Tuesday 6m 51.430 Mhz FM 09:30
Wednesday 2m 144.7375 Mhz FM 09:30
Wednesday 2m or 70cm GB3EA or GB3EZ FM Check Events Calendar
Thursday 160m 1.950 Mhz SSB 09:30
Friday 10m 29.580 Mhz FM 09:30
Saturday 2m 144.7375 Mhz FM 09:30

Repeaters are Monitored by some members:

GB3EA 2m Out 145.6875 Mhz In 145.0875 Mhz 110.9 Hz
GB3EZ 70cm Out 430.9750 Mhz In 438.5750 Mhz 110.9 Hz

Some members can even be found on 4 Meters:
70.450 FM

All times are local.

Go on give us a call…!